How it Works

How Title Loans Work

Applying for a car title loan is one of the easiest loan process around. Hundreds of people come to us to apply for a title loan for a reason. The main reason is that the requirements to borrow money through this process are minimal at best. When you try to borrow money from a bank you need to have better than good credit and carry a brief case packed full of paperwork to justify the process. Applying for a loan on a car title requires less than a handful of documents that are typically easy to find.

Using Your Car Title, Not Your Car
Car title loans are made based on the vehicle title being used to secure the loan. The auto title loan is directly related to the value of the vehicle being presented as collateral. The amount of money the person can borrow will depend on the age, make, model and condition of the said vehicle. The title is no doubt the most important piece of documentation needed to secure a loan against your vehicle.

Additional Documentation
The vehicle title ensures the loan, but other requirements are needed to complete the security needs. The requirements are:

Driver’s license to prove identification
Up to date car title
If you are having trouble in getting the documentation straight, we can help you to do so!

Fast Cash the Easy Way
At Optimum Title Loans we ask for so little, but deliver so much. When it comes to bad credit loans no one works as hard as we do to get the money our customers need regardless of their credit history. Most of our customers have applied for car title loans and had the money in their pockets in less than 1 hour.

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